Many of you have asked me to send you some news along with geographic coordinates... Although I vetoed the CIA's special chip-implant tracking program, I realized there was still room for a compromise. I won't be sending you e-mails since I got wind that some of them have ended up in your spam boxes. Instead, a much more ego-stroking method of mass communication seemed perfectly fit for this journey. I will be posting news about myself and my deep, existentialist sea-borne thoughts.

Don't worry, for those of you who are actually interested in reading this I will also be throwing in plenty of nautical jargon to give it that extra-boring flair! If you still want to read it, and I assume I've already lost many of my viewership, you can surf on this site (sorry, was taken by a russian porn site...)

ps I thank my wonderful little sister Tatiana for pimping this post ;-)



Crossing the Atlantic ocean...